Concours pour la réalisation d’un abri à vélos modulaire pour le quartier bankside de Londres

BikebOOth is a friendly environment module. Economic on use of materials and assembly operations, made on a steel sheet, it is also completely recyclable.To make a BikebOOth for 4 bikes, 6,5 ml of sheet steel 2m wide are needed with only 0,05% of wastage. The low voltage lighting equipment is of high durability and is completely autonomous using solar energy. The BikebOOth is built from the use and repetition of a basic unit designed to house and protect at least 4 bikes. The size of a module 2x2x2m allows varied use in different places and spatial configurations (vacant lot, parking, street, square …). The possible connections and increased capacities are based on available space.

Configurations: – Type L (linear) 6 modules together, space required 6×2 metres – Type T (back to back) 3 Type L modules assembled back to back – Type C (compound) 3 Type L modules assembled face to face The assembly of modules is simple, using lateral bolts with ordinary compression joints. The joining points are made in the workshop; the tightening is done with stainless steel bolts with irremovable heads. According to the possibilities of transportation and of the assembly teams, the modules can be assembled in the workshop with 3 or 4 units, thus forming prefabricated units of 12 to 16 bikes. Additional components and variations of the basic proposal can complement the basic structure if need be:
– Borings – all cutting constraints and openness within the stability of the structure
– Side Zip – additional panels forming closure assemblies.


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